The appeal of steel office furniture

2023-11-15 09:55:21

Steel furniture has increasingly supplanted hardwood furniture as a result of industrialization, and steel furniture is now the majority choice on the market. But why are people so fond of steel furniture?

Steel furniture is often manufactured of cold-rolled steel plate, which is then electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, electrostatically powder sprayed or electrostatically sprayed with epoxy resin. Because of this, steel furniture is much harder than hardwood furniture, making it more resistant to common external influences. dent. And no dangerous gas will be produced during coloring.

We focus more on the product’s service life while purchasing furniture. Furniture made of steel typically has a service life of more than 20 years, but furniture made of wood has a shorter service life. Even with a painted surface, wood will degrade over time. There is a cost involved, of course. Furniture made of steel costs substantially less than furniture made of wood.

In modern society, people are becoming increasingly concerned about protecting the environment. Wooden materials are made of wood, whilst steel furniture is built of steel sheets. Wood is inferior to steel plate in a number of ways. Furthermore, steel sheet is a renewable energy source, giving it an edge over wood, which is a species that is gradually coming under protection.

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